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Human evolution can be seen through the lens of publishing advancements; from oral language and the printing press, to ad-funded Internet writing.

Recently, subscription media has dominated the conversation, with Substack popularizing newsletter subscriptions as the dominant business model for writing online.

But the paid newsletter model only works for a certain kind of writer – one that wants to primarily dedicate themselves to sharing their ideas online, consistently. The model doesn’t work for the inspired one-timer, busy founder, or expert practitioner that doesn’t want the pressure to publish often.

There's a leaky pipeline of knowledge from expert communities to the outside world – too much knowledge remains locked in company walls and private exchanges.

We call this ghost knowledge.

Request an Essay

Unbelievable amounts of

wisdom remains unshared


Request for Ghost Knowledge is an experiment to find a better business model for funding quality writing.

Whats in it...

For the authors:

  • A path to being paid for one-off work that's not part of a subscription or newsletter.
  • Monetize your writing without cheapening
your brand – you write because others have 
asked you to.
  • Monetize work that remains a public good, without a paywall.

For the patrons:

  • The power to decide what gets written (less clickbait, more thoughtful, nuanced, quality writing).
  • Access to insights from people that don’t normally share their knowledge.
  • The social and utilitarian benefits of supporting the creators you believe in.

For everyone else:

  • Knowledge without the paywalls.
How it Works
  1. Submit an idea for an essay you’d want to see along  with whom you’d like the author to be, OR support other people’s requests.
  2. Decide how much you’re willing to pledge to the essay crowdfund. We’ll only ask for payment details if the author agrees to write the essay, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront.
  3. If the crowdfund meets a minimum of $500, we reach out to the author on your behalf.
  4. If the author agrees to write the piece, we’ll contact you to collect your pledge via credit card. We operate on an honor system, and ask you to do the same 😇.
  5. Once the piece is published, we distribute the funds:
  1. The author gets 80%.
  2. The original requester gets 10%.
    A nice experiment in shared upside :)
  3. We keep 10% to cover the cost of the operation.